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Brest is Brittany’s second largest administrative centre, and has a great deal to offer. Although it was heavily bombed in 1944, this is by no means the town’s most interesting feature: it has rebuilt itself around a vision of the future, with incredible constructions like the Pont de l’Iroise bridge, which crosses the river Elorn. An amazing feat of architecture, this magnificent cable-stayed bridge was opened in 1994. Admire it from Albert Louppe bridge, which is for pedestrians and cyclists only. It’s a great place to take a walk and enjoy the view of the famous Brest harbour, the ‘Rade de Brest’, a sheltered area of the sea big enough for great ships to lie at anchor.


Another key feature of a visit to Brest is its commercial port. One of the best ways of getting a feel for the town’s character is to stroll along the docks at the Quai Commandant-Malbert. You’ll be able to see the hundreds of coloured buoys put in place by Finistere’s Lighthouses and Beacons department, shipyards building wooden boats, the legendary schooner La Recouvrance and the Abeille-Flandres, one of the most powerful tugboats in the world.


Brest, it is also innovative and exemplary projects, such as the “Plateau des Capucins” which obtained the Ecodistrict Label in 2009. This site is situated on one of the two banks of the Penfeld, a 16 km long coastal river, and offers an admirable 360° view over the city. At the same time district of business and culture, the city mixes monumental construction sites intended for the shipbuilding and places of art such as the Médiathèque or the Fourneau. Add to it that Brest is very accessible, in particular because it is connected with the other bank of the river by the 1st urban cable car (téléphérique) of France, which offers another incredible view of Brest, this time seen from above.




Things to do in Brest


Phare du Petit Minou
About 15 kilometers westward along the coastline from Brest is the scenic lighthouse Phare du Petit Minou. The structure itself is, unfortunately, no longer open to the public, but the premises are free to be explored, along with the nearby fort and bunker.

Useful Information
Address: Plouzane, France
Opening hours: 24/7


Castle of Brest
Once owned by Richard II of England, the castle is the city’s foremost landmark and oldest monument. The structure boasts more than 1,700 years of history and still serves as a military fortress today. The Navy Museum inside is certainly not to be missed.

Useful Information
Address: Château de Brest, Brest
Opening hours: 1st April - 30th September: 10.00am - 06.30pm. 1st October - 31st March: 01.30pm - 06.30pm.

One of the largest Ocean Discovery Parks in Europe, the Océanopolis has four pavilions – polar, temperate, tropical and biodiversity – that tell the story of the sea and marine life in different world climates. The park contains an impressive 7 shark species.

Useful Information
Address: Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc, Brest
Phone: +33 298 34 40 40

Naval Museum
This is a branch of the Naval Museum of Paris, home to an impressive collection of model replica ships from French fleets and paintings with nautical themes. Free audio guides are available. From the museum, some of the best views over the city unfold.

Useful Information
Address: Château de Brest, Brest
Opening hours: 1st April - 30th September: 10.00am - 06.30pm. 1st October - 31st March: 01.30pm - 06.30pm.


The Tanguy Tower
A must-see attraction - the Tanguy Tower - houses a collection of various exhibits including artefacts and maps that recount the history of Brest. The tower itself is a medieval structure dating back to the 14th century (however, its true origins remain unknown).

Useful Information
Address: Square Pierre Péron, Brest
Opening hours: October - May: Wednesday - Thursday: 02.00pm - 05.00pm. Weekend: 02.00pm - 06.00pm. June -September: daily: 10.00am - 12.00pm, then 02.00pm - 07.00pm.



Tour Information

Brest Bretagne - Airport
Brest Bretagne Airport is situated just a few kilometres from the city centre. A shuttle bus runs between the train station and the airport daily, stopping at Saint-Luc and the Place de la Liberté next to the tourist information office. The Shuttle takes 10 min to Saint-Luc and 14 min to Place de la Liberté. The first shuttle leaves the train station at 06.00.

Useful Information
Address: Aéroport Brest Bretagne, Guipavas
Phone: +33 298 32 86 00


Public Transport
A public bus service links all parts of Brest to one another, and a train service is available from the central station for trips further afield. The main station for both is in the Place due 19eme RI.
Public transportation tickets may be bought at ticket vending machines with either cash or card; day tickets with unlimited rides are available and may be a good idea for a full day of sightseeing.

Useful Information
Address: Place due 19eme, Brest
Phone: Train service: +33 36 35 / Bus service: + 33 810 81 00 29


Taxis are available from outside the airport and the bus and rail stations.

Allo Taxi Brest
+33 298 42 11 11

Aux Taxis Radios Brestois
+33 298 80 18 01

Allo association artisans taxis Brestois
+33 899 87 67 16

Yellow post boxes can be found throughout the city.

La Poste:
Useful Information
Address: 90 Rue de Siam, Brest
Opening hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 9am-6pm, Thurs 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm
Phone: +33 298 33 37 30


Pharmacies are recognised by a large green cross outside the premises and are generally open 9am to 1pm and from around 2pm - 7pm daily, except Sunday. A list of emergency pharmacies is displayed on the front window.

Pharmacie Marzin Monguillon
39 Rue Louis Pasteur, Brest
+33 2 98 44 24 91

Centre Commercial Coat Ar Guéven
50 Rue Jean Jaurès, Brest
+33 2 98 44 37 00

Useful Information
Phone: Dial 112 or 15 (local number) in the event of an medical emergency


Country code: +33
Area code: (0) 2 98


220/240 V AC, 50Hz



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