Registration Instructions

1. What type of participants you are?

You need to figure out what type of participants you are firstly, there are three forms of participation:
1). Authors (attend the conference for both presentation and publication, with full paper submissions)
2). Presenters (attend the conference only for presentation, no publication, with abstract submissions)
3). Audience (just for attendance, neither publication nor publication, without any submissions)
**The registration will be confirmed by the conference secretariat via when your registration materials well received. If no respond received from the conference secretariat, please contact us via email or phone directly.**

2. Registration Procedure Guide


1) After you receive the acceptance letter when your paper passes the review, you can start the registration.

2) Read the acceptance letter carefully, the registration procedure is indicated in it:

    a) Revise your paper as suggested by the review comments

    b) Click the link to fill your information

    c) Complete the payment

    d) Return all the required files to the conference secretary via the mailbox.







3. Payment Method


4. Receipt or Invoice



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